The Icon by Chainsaw. Designed by Ian Ziering. Made in the U.S.A.

One of the most anticipated & innovative men's shirt launches in years. The ICON by Chainsaw has been described as the most versatile, comfortable, stylish, and practical shirt a man can own. It is a work shirt, a dress shirt, and a causal shirt, all rolled into one. The Icon V.1 is being made with a soft, comfortable no wrinkle, low maintenance, anti-microbial fabric. This special custom fabric is designed to stay fresh and clean all day and all night, and it can be worn up to five days without a wash. Add in our custom tri-collar system, and you can go from suit and tie to jeans and our Icon, in seconds. Wait until you get your hands on an ICON by Chainsaw shirt design. It is destined to become the #1 shirt in your own closet or travel bag.