The ICON by Chainsaw

Introducing the Icon by Chainsaw.

A fashion-forward dress shirt, business shirt, travel shirt, and casual shirt in one. Designed by Actor, Businessman & Global Traveler Ian Ziering (BH 90210, Sharknado, Celebrity Apprentice). 

The Icon by Chainsaw moves with your schedule.

The concept started with building the most versatile shirt we could create.  What we crafted was an insane design, with high performance fabric, and an anti-microbial treatment for extended wear. Then, we developed a revolutionary "Tri-Collar" technology that specifically adjusts to your schedule. 

The best everyday dress shirt a man could ever own!

From a travel day away, to a late business dinner out. From walking the dog to date night. The Icon is the most comfortable and versatile dress shirt a man could ever have. Get one now for an extremely limited time only at 30% off msrp! Click below.

The ICON by Chainsaw
  • High Tech Fabric

    For two years, we traveled the world in search of the most comfortable fabric available. We have developed some amazing high-performance fabrics! Non- wrinkle, 4 way stretch, anti-microbial, 5 day wear (without washing) just to name a few!  Our fabric moves with your body like no other shirt in the world. For dressing up, for business, for travel, and for casual wear, this is the most versatile dress shirt a man could ever own!

  • Tri-Collar Technology

    Research has shown us that guys like to wear their shirt collars in three popular ways. With collar stays for a suit and tie, with buttons to hold the collar points down, or with the top buttons undone. The ICON’s unique TRI-COLLAR technology moves the shirt in any of these three directions, with ease. You will never feel out  "out of sync" in your ICON by Chainsaw. 

  • Sizing and Choices

    We built the Icon by Chainsaw to fit most male body types. The ICON is being made available in a "Trim/Athletic Fit” model and a "Classic Fit" model. The Icon is available in  four different colors to choose from. You can wear it tucked-in or out, day or night. From appointments, to meetings, to events, to social calendars, the ICON by Chainsaw is the only dress shirt that a man needs. 


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What is the Icon by Chainsaw ?

The ICON by Chainsaw is a fashion-forward dress shirt, business shirt, travel shirt, and casual shirt all-in-one. 

What makes the Icon by Chainsaw different from other Dress Shirts ?

Built with high-tech performance fabric and our proprietary "TRI-COLLAR" TECHNOLOGY,  the ICON is the only mens dress shirt specifically designed to adjust to your schedule. 

Where can I get one ?

You can find us right now on  We are offering discounted packages, and individual pieces at 30% off our msrp price.  This introductory rate is for a limited time only.  

How can I learn more about the product ?

You can join our Ian Ziering live on our social media pages. Ian will be sharing all the details that you need to know about the ICON by Chainsaw, and what makes this shirt the most versatile shirt in the world.  

How can I get involved in the build-out of the ICON by Chainsaw?

Chainsaw Brands is the parent company of the ICON by Chainsaw. We are looking to partner with top-level influencers, bloggers, internet marketers, and affiliate networks, right now! For more information, please register at