Our Story...

You hear stories all the time about how businesses are formed out of a dorm room or a garage and this backyard story is no different. One summer afternoon between Sharknado 2 and the launch of the last Celebrity Apprentice, and while discussing marketing and business strategies I asked the question " What makes a great brand?' My future partner Mitch Felton said " it's something that distinguishes yourself from others. Something brand-able, recognizable, and marketable."
After a few brand-able concepts were "thrown under the bus" I came up with the idea of a chainsaw. After all, I have been having fun sawing my way through some fish over the last few years. After thinking up new brand-able chainsaw merchandising opportunities, including clothing, he said "Come back with a concept for a chainsaw logo."
Sure enough, a few weeks later, I called him back with the idea of a pirates flag logo with crossing chainsaws. Within a couple of days Mitch sent me a series of beautiful logo designs and our company was born.
Ian Ziering
Where we have been...
Since 2014, Ian Ziering has been interviewed about Chainsaw Brands, and has worn Chainsaw Brands merchandise on everything from “Entertainment Tonight” to the “Wall Street Journal,” to “ The Elvis Durant” show. He has even worn our designs on-screen in the Sharknado movie series. Known for it’s branded shirts, sports caps, and accessories, Chainsaw Brands decided that it was the right time to to start to innovate in 2016. After traveling the world, examining new fabrics, and bringing in top industry innovators, we think we have something special to share with you, #IanZiering #getyoursawon #chainsawbrands #iconlaunch #getadjusted Chainsaw Brands was founded by Beverly Hills 90210 and Sharkando star Ian Ziering and businessman Mitchell Felton, in 2014, after his appearance on the Celebrity Apprentice. Our trademarked Cross Chainsaw logo has appeared on just about every major news network and entertainment outlet in the U.S.. 
In 2018, Chainsaw Brands will be introducing the ICON by CHAINSAW. One of the most innovative and anticipated mens shirt launches, in years. The ICON by Chainsaw has been described as the most versatile, comfortable, stylish, and practical shirt a man can own.