ICON by Chainsaw Dress Shirt - Black

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About the ICON...

The Icon by Chainsaw has been described as "the most versatile shirt ever created."  We started with the most comfortable, high performance, dry-wik, non-wrinkle, 4 way stretch, fabric that we could find.  We finished the design by creating a custom tri-collar technology. A technology where your collar can actually be adjusted to fit your schedule. For business or dressing up, to a travel day away, and from a casual date night, to a late night party. The ICON by Chainsaw instinctively moves with your schedule. 

You can wear The ICON from early in the morning to late in the evening. All you need to create the next look, is to adjust the collar and the bottom of the shirt. You can wear it out with a pair of jeans, and you can wear it tucked in with a suit and tie. The choice is always is your own. 

We have eliminated the need to have to carry around an extra shirt. We have eliminated the need for shirt changes. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, the stylish looking ICON by Chainsaw will always remain as fresh and as sharp as when you first started your day. Made in the USA.  

Sizing and Fit...

The ICON by Chainsaw is being made available in two different sizings. Check out our Visual ID chart below.

  • An "Athletic/Trim/Modern/European Fit” model Left - One to two inches narrower in the chest. One to two inches narrower in the waist. If you are more muscular or have a low body fat count, this is your fit. 
  • A "Classic Fit" model Right - Slightly larger fit in the chest and waist for more comfort. Same great look and feel. See our Full Size charts below.  


You will receive...

- One ICON by Chainsaw Dress Shirt
- Choose from Size Small through Extra-Extra Large 
- Choose Athletic/Trim Fit or Classic Fit sizing 
- Free shipping in the U.S. included  
- $40 Flat Fee International Shipping - per unit 
- 30 Day exchange or refund policy 

MSRP $145